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10 Music Stars Accused Of Satanism (2 Nigerians in the List)

When some artistes become popular there are always people who would accuse them of Satanism. Probably they can “smell the devil” or something like this. Some Nigerian music stars are not an exception.
1. Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden singer on stage
Christians accused rock stars of Satanism when they released their album called The Number of the Beast in 1982. The group has even been banned from playing their songs in Chile, South America, because of these accusations.

2. Beyonce
Beyonce in a risqué outfit
According some conspiracy theories, the name of baby daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z spelled backwards mean Lucifer’s daughter in Latin.

3. Paul McCartney
Paul Mccartney sixties 60's
Paul McCartney. The Beatles
A man who wrote a song “Let it be” is also accused in relationships with the devil. His song Revolution 9, which when played backwards is supposed to say “Turn me on, dead man … turn me on, dead man … turn me on, dead man” is a “proof”.
4. AC/DC
AC/DC band
Here is another example of playing a song backwards. If you put a song Highway to Hell backwards it would allegedly sound all sorts of Satanic messages. Also, a notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez said he had been inspired by the band AC/DC.

5. Charly Boy
Charly Boy
Charly Boy
Charly Boy is a controversial Nigerian entertainer and accusations of being a Satanist are only adding him more fans. All his sculls, outfits, photo sessions with snakes and black polishing nails are an integral part of his dark image.

6. Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin – English rock band
Here are the thing with playing songs. But for this time a song Stairway to Heaven has a secret message which is an ode to Satan. Also one magazine once accusing guitarist Jimmy Page chanting Satanic mantras while standing over drummer John Bonham as he lay dying.

7. The Eagles
The Eagles- Satanism
In the 1980s, some Christian evangelists alleged that “Hotel California” referred to a San Francisco hotel purchased by Anton LaVey — founder of Satanism
There are plenty of versions on what is a song Hotel California about. Some tell that it is about hedonism and greed of its era, but there are always some people who see Satanism everywhere.

8. Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson
As a little boy he went to a Christian school and studied there for 10 years. Then he dropped religion and began to rock the stage. Of course, his actions, lyrics and personality are unacceptable by the majority of religious people.

9. Denerele Edun
Denerele Edun
Denerele Edun
The rumors about Denerele started after he made several photos with Charly Boy and had several outfits in his style. And of course he became followed by the same accusations.

10. Elvis
Elvis Presley: Devil or Angel?
According to some sources, Elvis also was a Satanist because his parents were not Christians, but Scientologists. And, another notable accusation, “His gospel music was despicable.”
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