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Amazing Photos Show Melanie Griffith growing up with her pet lion

 There is something wild about actress Melanie Griffith's upbringing.
As this incredible series of photographs shows, while her peers were growing up, fighting with their parents and doing everything else a normal teenager does, the 14-year-old Griffith had an extra influence at home - her enormous, live-in pet lion.
Pictured in 1971 lounging by the pool, playfighting, and even in bed together, Melanie and Neil, as the hulking African big cat was known, can be seen sharing a touching bond.
Neil came to live with the family in bizarre circumstances, after they adopted him from Anton Lavey, High Priest of the Church of Satan, who was told he could no longer keep him in his small San Francisco apartment.
In one photograph Griffith looks completely carefree even as Neil grapples her leg with his paws as she jumps into the water at their home in Sherman Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles.
Griffith, the daughter of starlet and Hitchcock muse Tippi Hedren, lived with her mother and her then-husband Noel Marshall, a Hollywood agent.

In the series of pictures, first published in LIFE Magazine, Marshall and Hedren are also seen happily co-existing with Neil. In one, the lion tries to get the attention of Marshall by roaring in his face as he sits - entirely nonplussed - at his typewriter.
The majestic beast was adopted by the family after they took a trip to Africa and decided to make a movie about lions, Roar, which would take 11 years to complete.
Sadly, the movie was a box office flop,and the production was plagued by injuries resulting from working with lions.
Griffith herself required 50 stitches at one point after being bit by one of the cats, and cinematographer Jan de Bont had to have his scalp sewn back on after being attacked.
In total, despite its $17million price-tag, the film only made $2million at the box office. But the movie stands as a testament to the family's love of lions - which Hedren still keeps at her home on a wildlife reserve in California.

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