Blogger Loses His Pet Dog To The Cold Hands Of Death Through A Quack Veterinary Doctor

A blogger and a distant friend just lost his pet dog to the cold hands of death through a quack veterinary doctor.
You need to see comments he got on HERE to see.
This is what he has to say on his loss...
I am so pained right now as I announce the death of my best friend Nigeria. He passed away yesterday at Dog Way Veterinary Hospital Onitsha, after being vaccinated by a quack doctor who administered him an overdose injection. Nigeria died at exactly 8:16am. Nigeria died at the age of 1year and 10months. He is survived by Me, Myself and I.
When Nigeria was alive, he would get jealous when I pay so much attention to my laptop, BBM, girlfriends or try to glance at my boring law books. I talk and he listens perfectly.
May I use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those who made sure that Nigeria was comfortable whenever I get too busy; Biggy (D.O.S), Ebube and Effizy, Igwe Agric. Nigeria would have wished to live longer if it were in his powers...I'm sure...At the point of its death, the tears in his eyes muttered 'I will miss miss you' as they slowly closed.
Nigeria is dead but he lives on...R.I.P my brother and friend.
Mr. Best
Should we sympathize with him on his loss or turn him down for naming his pet dog after our mother country?