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Gay Couple Thrown Off London Bus For Kissing

For kissing and cuddling on a public bus in London, two gay men were ordered to get off the bus as they were constituting a nuisance and insulting the sensibilities of other passengers.
The Guardian reports that Jack James, 23, he and his partner were ordered off a number 89 bus near Blackheath in south-east London by the driver, who subjected them to a volley of abuse.
James, an event co-ordinator from Greenwich, told the Evening Standard:
We were chatting away when my partner gave me a peck on the lips.
The bus driver shouted: ‘Oi, you two, don’t do that on my fucking bus or you can get off, I don’t want to watch that’.
James who reported the incidence to Transport of London authorities, the body which runs the bus services, said that, initially, he and his gay partner thought the driver could not be speaking to them.
When the bus stopped at our stop, I walked up to the driver and politely asked the driver if he was talking to us. His reply was: ‘Yes, it’s my bus, it is my rules, and I don’t want to watch that. It’s disgusting. Get off the bus.’
Once we got off the bus we were fuming and I was shaking. The bus stopped again and he shouted and told us we were not real men and we should fuck off.
Ken Davidson, Transport for London’s head of bus operations, said:
All customers have the right to use our services without fear of being abused and offensive behaviour is completely unacceptable.
We would like to reassure Mr James that this matter is being taken very seriously and that a thorough investigation is being conducted by the bus company.
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