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Miley Cyrus Is Over Twerking, Demonstrates Her "New" Signature Dance, the Nae Nae

Tired of the whole twerking craze? Yeah, so is Miley Cyrus.
Now, the 21-year-old pop star has a "new" signature dance move, and it's called the Nae Nae! Luckily for all of us, Miley was more than happy to demonstrate the Nae Nae when she dropped by the Australian morning show Sunrise earlier this week!
"Twerking seems so yesterday," said TV presenter David "Kochie" Koch.
"I'm glad you know that," Miley replied emphatically, "because some people are living in the past!"So what is "the new twerking," Kochie wanted to know?
"It's called the Nae Nae," said Miley, jumping to her feet, "and you have to do it! You go like this..."
From there, the "We Can't Stop" singer proceeded to demonstrate, throwing one arm up in the air and—well, you're better off watching for yourself. "I keep trying to start it at all my shows and nobody's really doing it back at me," she lamented. "But you guys have got it! I just don't think its make its way to Australia yet!"Miley admitted she didn't "really know" where the Nae Nae got its name, saying, "My dancers—the L.A. Bakers—they started doing it, and I'm like, 'What is that?' So then I started doing that, which is kind of what happened with the twerking, too."

It seems, however, the Atlanta dance group We Are Toonz deserve credit for coming up with the Nae Nae and its name. Per Billboard, the teenaged quintet based the dance loosely on Martin Lawrence's Sheneneh Jenkins character in his '90s sitcom Martin. Group member CalLamar explained, "It's really just based on a ratchet girl in the club dancing kind of funny and the best girl to describe it is Sheneneh from 'Martin.'
"RIP, twerking!
Miley Cyrus Is Over Twerking, Demonstrates Her "New" Signature Dance, the Nae Nae Reviewed by Jisieike Samuel on October 20, 2014 Rating: 5

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