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See What A Girls Leg Turned Into After She Was Bite By A Snake

This horrific picture shows a young girl's leg that has shrivelled and turned completely black after being bitten by a snake.
The snake’s venom caused severe necrosis – the premature death of cells.
This caused the tissue in her leg to die, leaving it withered and rotten.
The 13-year-old girl, who is unidentified, was first treated by remedies from the indigenous culture she was from, according to a photograph posted on Instagram by the username 'juventudmedica'.
A month later she was eventually brought to Carcaras, Venezuela,for medical treatment.
One doctor, who has seen the photograph, told MailOnline the girl will need her leg amputated but is still likely to die from the snake venom.
Dr Arun Ghosh, a private GP in Liverpool, said: ‘Snake venom is very complicated and depends on the species of snake.
'But the picture shows clearly severe tissue necrosis that will need amputation, though she still may die from this due to the nature of the poison.
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