Video of a singer struggling to stop puppy from pulling off her bathing suit gets TWO MILLION hits (while her music video gets only a few thousand)

A music video on YouTube went viral not because the song is on the top of the charts but because the singer's bikini top is nearly torn off by an adorable little dog.
Kendra Moriah of San Francisco posted her music video on YouTube at the beginning of October along with a video clip of her fighting to keep her bathing suit on as a cute puppy tries to tear it off at a sandy beach California beach.
Since posting her music video cover of 'Part of Your World' from Disney's A Little Mermaid online with her band the Dirty Little Blondes, it got an impressive 27,997 views.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the clip of her fighting to keep her clothes on her beach ready body featuring a frisky puppy got over two-million views. 
The clip is cleverly named, 'Bikini fail feat cute puppy.'
Kendra Moriah was pleased with the number of people who watched her puppy video but she reminded her 'fans' to pay attention to the music in addition to the wonderful beach view.
She fronts her folk band along with her equally tanned and blonde male counterpart Mark Sandusky.
'Hey everyone! Kendra here (the girl from the video) Thanks so much for watching but I must say, it's crazy what the world decides to make viral. That same day we were out filming a fun little music video for my folk duo - Dirty Little Blondes,' she says.

'Those songs/videos take a considerable amount of time, effort and talent and don't get 1/100 of the love. While I no doubt appreciate that people enjoy this little moment I'd love if they'd head over and show a little love to the music and art,' she writes keeping her sense of humor afloat.
The video covers a Disney favorite 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid and features the bikini clad blonde in a series of familiar film poses.
In one moment she uses a fork to comb her hair just like Ariel does in the film. She holds coins in her hands and dramatically throws them into the water. 
Similarly to Ariel in A Little Mermaid who loses her voice when the evil Ursula steals it from her, instead of just being a beautiful object, Moriah wants her music to resonate instead.