Gory Photos! Pregnant Woman Left With ‘Face Hanging Off’ After Friend’s Dog Attacked Her

A pregnant woman has been left with a life-changing injury after a close friend’s dog mauled her face until it was ‘hanging off’ while she went visiting. Laura Holmes, 21, said she feared she and her unborn baby would die when the American Akita dog attacked her as she sat sending a text message.

The animal leapt up and tore at her face, ripping chunks of flesh from her mouth and cheeks, leaving her needing 60 stitches according to Dailymail.
Friends then tried to drag the pet off her and only succeeded when they repeatedly kicked the dangerous dog, which was later destroyed.
She was rushed to Queen’s Medical Centre, where surgeons battled to save her face and her baby.
Laura had to give birth to baby Nathaniel – now 15 weeks old – by C-section because doctors felt she may not be able to withstand the pain of a natural birth due to her injuries.
The dog’s owner, Tracie Taylor, her friend has received a 16-week jail sentence suspended for a year and was ordered to pay Laura £1000 in compensation.
Tracy becomes the first in Britain to be prosecuted under tough new laws after failing to control the seven stone Akita.

                                                                         Laura now

                                                                   The dog