Guys, The Ripped Abs on this 14-year-old Boy will Put Yours to Shame (Photos)

Some kids are really good at video games. Others are good at playing football BUT for this 14-year-old kid, Cosmo Taylor, bodybuilding is his thang! buh are you sure this nigga is 14 years? question for the gods.
With his ripped, striated physique and on-point stage routine, Cosmo, from Scotland, could easily be mistaken for a bodybuilder twice his age. DailyMailUK reports that Cosmo started training at just 11 years old and as the youngest competitive bodybuilder in the UK, Cosmo lifts weights for an hour every day. He also does cardio before school to help keep his body fat below eight per cent. And as the youngest member of a super-fit family of four, his dad is a bodybuilder, Cosmo enjoys firm support from his biggest fans – his mother and father.
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Cosmo poses with his 16 year old sister who is a prize winner power lifter