How Angry Should You Get in an Argument? Nicki Minaj Allegedly Smashed Ex-Boyfriend’s Mercedes Benz

Nicki & Safaree 
Is it true that during any passionate argument, emotions are often heightened while reasoning abilities reduce?
A few days ago BN brought you the scoop on the breakup of Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend/personal assistant of 14 years, and now according to TMZ, things had started taking a turn for the worse much longer before they decided to end their romance.

Nicki Minaj 2 Nicki Minaj
TMZ reports that over the summer, Nicki Minaj and her then boyfriend Safaree Samuels got into a heated argument that resulted in Nicki taking a baseball bat and smashing the windows of Safaree’s 2012 Mercedes Benz.
She also threw his clothes into the garbage.
From his Instagram posts Safaree Samuels obviously loves cars, but to be fair to Nicki Minaj she was the one who bought the car for Safaree to drive.
Safaree Samuels 2 Safaree Samuels 3 Safaree Samuels 4 Safaree Samuels 5 Safaree Samuels Safaree Samuels 6
Almost every lady knows that you should not come between a man and his toys. While these two have since broken up, (and we don’t have the details as to why she was so angry in the first place) we can’t help but ask the question – did she take things too far by smashing his car?
BNers, what is your take on this?
Photo Credit: Instagram