Meet Amber Rose’s New Boyfriend (Photos)

Ever since Amber Rose split from her husband Wiz Khalifa in September there have been rumours that she has been dating everyone from Nick Cannon and Nick Simmons to Khloe Kardashian’s ex French Montana. But it seems we finally know who the real man is.
According to TMZ:

Amber Rose has a connection to another soul with a broken heart … we found out she’s dating French Montana’s brother Zack.
There have been reports that Amber and French are together, but in reality French and his bro hang together all the time thus the confusion. That’s why we got a pic of Amber,
French and Zack at Knott’s Berry Farm about a week ago. (Picture above)
Amber keeps her distance when they’re in public, but we know she’s seeing Zack. They were out at a strip club and a nightclub in NYC over the weekend. As for why the secrecy … we’re hearing Amber doesn’t want to make things more difficult with Wiz Khalifa, given their nasty split and a looming custody fight.  Tricky.