South Africans Angry With Nigerian Tabloids For Addressing D’banj’s New Girl Wrongly

Oh so South Africans are angry that Nigerian tabloids have been addressing D’banj’s new girl, Bonang Matheba as just his ‘pretty South African girlfriend’. One of them tweeted, Bonang is referred to D’banj’s ‘pretty South African girlfriend’ by these Nigerian tabloids. Do they know who our queen is?  
Apparently, Bonang is also a big fish in South Africa and they want her to be addressed appropriately. She’s South Africa’s most loved Radio/ Tv host and also the queen of South Africa’s social media. Bonang is also a brand ambassador for Revlon Cosmetics worldwide. And if you have heard her speak, you will know she has got the voice!
You know D’banj does not do small fishes? 

 Bonang, Tuface and D’banj at an event in Lagos.