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I Left Music To Raise A Family- Ay.Com

Pass Me Your Love crooner, AY.Com has disclosed the main reason why he was off the music scene. While speaking to Saturday Beats, AY said he left the music scene in order for him to get to know his wife better and raise his kids. He also spoke about his relationship with Terry G then and how they also relate now.
“I am a family man and marriage is totally different from courtship. It is a lifetime union. I was away from music so that I could get to know my wife better. Marriage was one of the reasons I was away from the limelight. Raising a family requires a lot of attention and that is what I am giving my family. I have two children now. I had to train them to a level for them to know their wrong from right. I had to make sure my home was stable before I went back into music. I had to give my home the attention it deserves because my family is very important to me. If my home is not settled, there is no way the music would be settled. I give God the glory that my family is settled.”

 On Terry G;
“People that say that my career has failed as a musician do not know what they are talking about. I can never fail as a musician because I control music. I just released a song with Terry G, No Mind Them. I decided to work with Terry G because we started everything together. I wanted us to clear the air about our beef because I receive a lot of calls concerning that matter. We are good friends now. Those that believe that my rift with Terry G ruined my career are entitled to their opinion. All I would say is that I learnt a lot from our rift. I regret some aspects and it taught me a lot of lessons; likewise Terry G too. It made me to be able to stand on my own and be a man.
“Before the misunderstanding, we used to be very close friends but we are not as close as we used to be. We are not so close as before because we are both family men now. I don’t know if things can be the way they used to be between us because there are women and children in our lives now. I wish and pray that things would be better than they used to be between us because he is a very good friend of mine,” he said.
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