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TV Fashion Guru Mary Portas Reveals her BROTHER is the Father of Her Son

Popular 54 year old English retail consultant and Queen of Shops star, Mary Portas, revealed last night that the genetic father of her two year old son is in fact her brother.
Miss Portas and her civil partner Melanie Rickey, according to DailyMail, had previously kept their sperm donor’s identity anonymous. Miss Rickey, 42, gave birth to the couple’s first child in 2012 following IVF treatment. They had desperately wanted Miss Portas, 54, to also have a genetic link to their child.
Miss Portas revealed the extraordinary circumstances behind the birth of her son Horatio in a
newspaper interview to promote her memoir, Shop Girl.
According to DailyMail, she revealed that she had asked for help from her younger brother, Lawrence Newton, who said he would be ‘honoured’ to assist. Miss Rickey subequently became pregnant on her second round of IVF

Miss Portas said she informed Mr Newton of Horatio’s birth via text.
The couple’s son, now two, calls Miss Portas ‘Mama’ and Miss Rickey ‘Mummy’. Mr Newton is referred to as ‘Daddy’.
Miss Portas told The Times of Horatio’s birth:

‘Lawrence was the first one there [with us] and he picked him up and it was just very emotional. He and I walked out into the sunshine holding him. I remember we were round the back of the hospital and I said to him ‘thank you!’ and he said, ‘It’s my pleasure’, and we just held each other. 
That was it, you know? It’s amazing. And now, when I look at Horatio, he is a complete mix of [Mel] and me.’
She added:

‘Of course, now I know that it could only ever have been Lawrence who was Horatio’s father.’
Miss Portas – who had only told close family and friends about Horatio’s genetic father – is one of a growing number of women in same-sex relationships who have asked siblings to assist with fertility treatments.
The star of Mary Queen of Shops said of Horatio:

‘He is extraordinarily charming, so full of life. He’s slept since he was five months old.
He loves kicking a ball, he loves puzzles, music – I think because there is so much joy and easiness around him. We are all calmer … but we still get that thing at 6.30am when he shouts out ‘Mama! Mama!’.’
Mr Newton, 52, who has no wish for a family of his own, is living with his sister, her partner and their son for three months before he emigrates to Bermuda to be with his girlfriend.
Miss Portas has two elder children – Mylo, 21, and Verity, 18 – with her ex-husband Graham Portas, a chemical engineer. The couple split in 2003 before Miss Portas met Miss Rickey at a dinner held at the Royal College of Art. The couple entered into a civil partnership in 2010
Miss Portas, who also runs a communications agency and a string of charity shops, admitted that Miss Rickey wants another child – but said she does not have the energy to raise one.
‘God, I couldn’t have another one!’ she said. ‘I’m tired. I also like balance in my life.’
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