Tyrese is Afraid His Ex-Wife Plans to Kidnap Their Daughter & Flee to Israel

Tyrese is concerned that ex-wife is planning on taking their daughter Shayla away from him permanently by fleeing to Israel.
via TMZ:
He filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in which he pleads with a judge to put the brakes on Norma Gibson‘s decision to vacation in Israel with 7-year-old Shayla. Norma is an Israeli citizen and under the law she’s allowed to stay in Israel permanently … the country won’t do anything to help the other parent.
Tyrese tried to get Norma to sign a contract promising to return Shayla by a certain date and if she violated the deal she’d lose custody. Norma refused to sign.
The trip is planned for March 27. The matter is now before a family court mediator who will set the ground rules.
 It’ll be interesting to see how the courts handle this one.