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"Pay Me My Money Tonto!" Luxury Merchant Calls Out Actress On Instagram.

A young lady Pearl with the ID @Pumpberry on Instagram has accused Tonto Dike of owing her and refusing to pay. Even more, she claims Tonto gave her a bounced cheque, a crime punishable by jail term under Nigerian law.
See what the lady posted on Instagram below:

Dear @tontolet,thank you for pushing me beyond my comfort zone.I trusted you as a celebrity and gave you a Givenchy luggage bag and handbag with you promising you will pay,you couldn't afford the original so you asked for the replica,You ordered March 8th it was delivered March 20th and u had to pay that day but.its been over one month and it's been story after story,you ignore my messages and calls,you claim you assistant was going to pay me ,I called Peter and he said the check you gave him of the 8th bounced on the 10th.
Dear Tontoh I am a young girl 23yrs old trying to run a business,I am embarrassed and I am upset at myself that I trusted you as a public figure to pay me back,now I ask you my money you block me on Instagram?Who does that?when I read the tiannah story I thought it was a lie but I am still amazed at the fact that you have stooped so low and blocking me when you owe me.You will pay me by fire by force,you will not bully me,I have lost respect for you as a woman and as a human.i will make sure everyone knows who you really are so you don't go dupe another young girl,thank God I didn't give you the authentic bags if not where will I be?God sees all the devil we do and it will come back to you x10000.repay my money.lets not forget the moschoni dress shirt and you just called to threaten me?that weed you are smoking is really making you delusional.You are a sorry excuse of a celebrity when real celebrities and actresses call themselves please remove you name from the list. keep threatening my life I have all text messages to backup.fake wannabe celebrity you couldn't even afford authentic designer Gucci bags you chose fake givenchy like all your other fake bags,you don't even know authentic designer things.
Below is also a message she says she sent the actress 4 days ago.

Tonto responded to the allegations calling it false and saying the lady in question sold her fake designer items which she has since asked her to pick up from her house manager. She also challenged the lady who made the allegations to present a photo of the bounced cheque of N100,00O and she would immediately get a payment of N1 million from Tonto. Read Tonto's full reaction to the allegations and the chats she posted below:

I Am not really the type to keep messages but am glad I did in this particular case..A young lady claims I owe her,as a celebrity,people think it is easy to scare us with the press but am sorry not this time . After stalking my life through social media and text messages,I succumbed to ordering some items from this young lady in a way to support her business,she was truthful that she sold out the originals and convinced me by sending messages of her previous deal with Omotola n few others (messages which i still have but wld respect evry1s privacy n not post but I told her i didn't want to since i wldnt carry them but she convinced me and since it was my younger friend's birthday I took pity I asked for the items*
When I saw these things they were so fake*I asked her to come back and take the items severally as it has been with my house manager,we have never tried to pay her and We never gave her no cheque.
Am fake and broke?
Pls pls lady take a pic of the suppose cheque and pls post it up here and I swear I will give you a million naria in cash.
I know she might be pretty upset by the rejection and I will forgive u BUT Am sorry I wouldn't Pay/buy nothing from u and I promise no celebrity will buy either... None of the message she posted online is on my phone....OK back to something better,THANKS. 
Tonto posted the screen shots below:

The Lady also posted the personal chats between her and Tonto following Tonto's response. The lady claims Tonto deibrately omitted posting some parts of their conversation:

The lady making the allegations is yet to post a pic of the alleged bounced cheque.
She has also said that Tonto called her to threaten her after she took her to the gutters and shared all the screenshots of their conversations.
No be small thing.
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