Military Coup In Burundi As Army General Announces Overthrow Of President

A top Burundian general on Wednesday announced the overthrow of President Pierre Nkurunziza, following weeks of violent protests against his bid to stand for a third term.

The radio broadcast by General Godefroid Niyombare, who was sacked from his position as the central African nation’s powerful chief of intelligence in February, came hours after President Nkurunziza arrived in neighbouring Tanzania for talks to end the crisis.
“Regarding President Nkurunziza’s arrogance and defiance of the international community which advised him to respect the constitution and Arusha peace agreement, the committee for the establishment of the national concord decide: President Nkurunziza is dismissed, his government is dismissed too,” he said.

Niyombare said he was working with civil society groups, religious leaders and politicians to form a transitional government.
The presidential office have also made an announcement declaring Niyombare’s statement as “a joke”.