Meet The 8-Year-old Joan Wamaitha who welcomed Barack Obama To Africa

One could hardly see her small frame, covered by the towering figure of President Uhuru Kenyatta, holding a bouquet of flowers and waiting to receive the world’s most powerful leader, President Barack Obama.
Meet eight-year-old Joan Wamaitha, an orphan at Mama Ngina Children’s Home, the first person to welcome the US president when he set foot on Kenyan soil Friday evening.
Mr Obama hugged the little girl, spent a few moments chatting with her, and even guided her in posing for a picture with him.
Perhaps the significance of meeting the US leader may not have hit her due to her tender age.
US President Barack Obama receives flowers from
US President Barack Obama receives flowers from Joan Wamaitha, 8, upon his arrival at Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi on July 24, 2015. AFP PHOTO | SAUL LOEB
Wamaitha is a Standard One pupil at Mariakani Primary School in South B, Nairobi.
Teachers at the school said they were surprised to see her on television.
Her class teacher, Ms Pauline Musyoka, said they did not know she had been selected to present the bouquet to Mr Obama as he made the historic visit to Kenya.
“She is one the brightest pupils in her class,” said Ms Musyoka.