Hausa's vs Igbo's: So Many Injured As Fulani Clash With Igbo's Along Enugu - Onitsha expressway

At the wee hours of today, the tires of a truck loaded with cattles driven by some fulani herdsmen was punctured by the Nigerian army for a slight misunderstanding.
The Fulani herdsmen became so angry and furious that they had to block the road connecting Enugu  and onitsha with their truck.
It was believed that they waited for the Nigerian Army to respond to the situation and when nothing was heard from them, they transferred their aggression to the other federal roads connecting the both states.
On doing that, some angry igbo boys who where fumed by the intimidation, took all sought of weapons they can reach and started vandalizing the trucks used to block the Federal roads.
To their greatest surprise, the Fulani's who blocked the roads with their trucks came out of nowhere to plead for the safety of their trucks. The angry mobs on seeing them tried to set their trucks on fire, but the fire was quickly dissuaded. The angry youths now transferred the aggression to the fulani's as they also tried to kill them and set them on fire.
It took the special intervention of some youths to hold back the angry mobs.

As at the time of this report the roads are open and movement is free.  

BillionBill News correspondence Enugu


  1. Hmmmmmm. Why didn't they allow them to kill those foolish fulani's


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