Court orders rapper, Master P to pay $21,000 per month to estranged wife

It has been reported that, rapper, Master P has been ordered by the court to pay his estranged wife and mother of his 7 children, Sonya Miller, $21,000 monthly.
Sonya seems to be getting a big check from the rap mogul as a judge is forcing him to pay child and spousal support in their nasty divorce war. 
Sonya Miller will get $27,047 each month from Master P, with $16,574 in spousal support, and $10,473 in child support.
In addition, Master P has to pay Sonya's attorney fees of $200k.
TMZ reports that, the judge also ruled giving Sonya the exclusive right to live in the family home in Calabasas.
She had earlier said Master P was trying to force her out of the house and she was on the brink of homelessness, going even phoneless.

These terms are temporary, since both sides are still identifying and adding up the marital assets, and the amount of support will likely be adjusted once that is settled.