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10 Best Album Covers Of 2015

2015 was the year of albums in Nigeria, with 29 albums so far.
While the most obvious subject of discussion and concern is the music. We see past that, taking a holistic view of the product.
There was a time when album artwork was considered almost as important as the album itself. From Olamide’s iconic cover to “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth”, to  Banky W’s sleek look on “R&BW”, we've celebrated design, both great and awful, beautiful and ugly, thoughtful and nonsensical.
Behind every great album is great artwork. The design of an album’s cover is a crucial aspect of the album itself. Although it might seem that an album is all about the music, the artwork is the face of the album, which means that it’s the thing that gives potential listeners their first impressions. Your album’s first impression is central to its success.
There is one overriding purpose for album artwork: to attract listeners to your music.
Below are the 10 best album covers of 2015.


1. Burna Boy – “On A Spaceship”

What’s not to love about this. The singer who has always had  a fascination with the ‘high’ life rceived freedom from Aristokrat Records to form Spaceship Entertainment. To give his sophomore LP a face that interprets the title “On A Spaceship” he hires artiste Ken Nwadiogbu. 40 days later this was born.

2. DJ Spinall – “My Story”
"My Story" album art "My Story" album art

Having come through the rugged straights of the Nigerian disc jockeying scene, the former Ray Power FM DJ has had quite a story to tell. He titles his pop album "My Story", and proceeds to bring that to life via an album cover that surely drew nods of appreciation all through the country.

3. Falz - "Stories That Touch"
"Stories That Touch" cover "Stories That Touch" cover
Falz, ever the comic man, created a conceptual album telling relatable stories that pierce through our barriers, uniting us in music, rhymes and bars. His album art stays true to that with a slightly disturbing image of his face, and lyrics off the songs scrawled on them. Genius lives here.

4. Seyi Shay - "Seyi or Shay"
Seyi Shay's album art cover for Seyi or Shay Seyi Shay's album art cover for Seyi or Shay

Part of the conceptual theme of this lady's marketing has been the creation of an alter ego to ensure that copies of the album leave the shelves, and this does make her music look attractive. If anything, the morbid, ominous look of the art is enough to make a man give it a spin.

5. Runtown - "Ghetto University"

6. Orezi - "The Ghen Ghen"
Pop albums in Nigeria are a noisy bunch. They contain easy to digest songs which are meant to be good-timing materials which capture the spirit of the times. Orezi has that spirit displayed on this album arts which is colourful, striking and attention-seeking. This is truly “The Ghen Ghen” album cover.

7. Reminisce - "Baba Hafusa"
  (Edge Records )

This rapper possesses a keen understanding of imagery and all the joys that come with one. Reminisce titled his album 'Baba Hafusa', which translates to 'Hafusa's Dad', after his first child, Hafusa. To make that name stick with an image, Reminisce rocked his traditional look, but added extra zip with left hand holding tightly to a gigantic red stuffed animal, and the right clutching a baby carrier. This is truly a music making dad.

8. LeriQ - "The Lost Sounds"
LeriQ is currently Nigeria's most experimental music producer, with a catalogue boasting of amazing fusion sounds. On his project he captures that production wizardry via the title and the accompanying cover that depicts him as an enchanter with all the access to powers lost and sacred.

9. Naeto C - "Day 1"
"Day 1" tracklist "Day 1" tracklist

This rapper pressed the reset button with this conceptual Hip-hop gem which showed all of his lyrical prowess, and to get that into the open, his cover was reminiscent of the glory days of art; the Renaissance. With Gothic fonts and compasses, this really does strike you as classy work...which it is.

10. Oritse Femi - "Money Stops Nonsense"

Let's all take a moment to look at the rebranding of Oritse Femi as the Musical taliban. This he has been selling after his single 'Double Wahala' gave him second life. This art is the embodiment of that idea.

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