Dubai billionaires expose the Instagram models they slept with, reveal the exhorbitant amount they paid

Yesterday, for unexplained reasons, Samar al Marouf, the director of Al Marouf Group, took to Instagram to call out some of the Instagram models he had hired and slept with, and then his friends  – James Karkoza of Stellus Capital Management – joined in, revealing the exorbitant amount they paid to book the ladies, and how they recorded videos of the threesome sex they had.
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Samar al Marouf. (Instagram)
And that was not enough damage. Marouf tagged one of the ladies’ boyfriend to the conversation. “Are you aware that I hired your gf for a weekend?” He said in the post, “And was also offered 8k for a threesome?”
At some point, the boastful Marouf added, “Look up who my family is.”
See some of the nerve-wringing conversation:
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But some of their followers criticised Marouf. “Think about your religion you dog,” one of his followers said, but he remains indifferent.
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Source: Instagram