Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna tongue-kissing in French nightclub surface online

Days ago, rumours made the rounds that Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted kissing Rihanna in a nightclub, but the publication of the photos was prevented after the Revenant actor, through his lawyers, sent out a cease and desist letter to media houses in the UK.
The actor insisted on his right to privacy under French law, a right which enables him to sue any media house in the UK and Europe should the photos be published.
DiCaprio and Rihanna. (
TMZ reported that the duo truly were at a nightclub together, but that the kiss was a ‘friendly’ greeting – a kiss on the cheek, and that the dating rumour was false.
However, the photos have just surfaced online and one of the pictures seems to show them French-kissing each other, rekindling the rumour that they dated last year.
Rihanna and DiCaprio. (
Rihanna and DiCaprio. (
Should Leo sue, it won’t be the first time he is taking legal action on issues involving Rihanna. Last year, he sued French magazine Oops! after they claimed he got Rihanna pregnant.