American woman who fatally stabbed brother for insulting Nicki Minaj gets 7 years

An American woman, who took her adoration of Nicki Minaj to a shocking level by fatally stabbed her brother for insulting the rapper, has been sentenced to 7 years on charges of manslaughter.
The St. Louis-based woman Angela Hallmon, during the domestic altercation, claimed that her brother Edward Hallmon had insulted the rapper, a fight ensued and she stabbed him in the chest, leaving him in coma. He later died in March, 2015.
Angela Hallmon. Credit:
During the domestic altercation, Edward ran downstairs to seek for help, bleeding, while Angela hid the knife and mopped the blood. Neighbours called the police and she was arrested and charged with domestic assault armed criminal action and evidence tampering, but the charges were amended to second-degree murder after Edward died.
Yesterday, Angela went into plea agreement by pleading guilty for a ‘reduced charge of involuntary manslaughter, armed criminal action and evidence tampering’.
She sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.