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Tech tips: How to Enhance Your Personal Social Media Brand

Questions: If you search for your name online what do you see? Are you happy with the results? Are there any links that come up that you would rather people not see? Do people really see you or many other people with same name? Check it now!
Today, many organizations rely heavily on results of social media analysis of the potential employees before they are employed. If what you project online will affect their brand perception, they need to learn of your online habits well ahead.
Moreover, how you present yourself online and what you say or share has the power to leave an impression on anyone you come in contact with (virtually) . You can reap rewards if that experience is good. Try to remember people you never visited their walls after once. That may be you!
I will share with you a number of simple habits that will distinguish or stand you out; provided you can stick to them religiously:
Read twice and edit before you post: Every post you write contributes to people’s perceptions of your personal brand. And, there is nothing pisses one off more than needless typos and bad grammatical constructs. Always remember that others will read you word for word, so never write in haste. Edit your posts critically, take our redundant lines, foul words and read once again before clicking on send.
Social media
Avoid distractions: Not every floating topic is good enough to be a subject of contribution. Certain things may not just gel into your personality. Be focused on what you consider relevant to your projected persona. I don’t mean you should be fake. But, not all videos are sharable; not all groups need you and not all topics deserve your opinion. Avoid what would not add anything to you!
Engage your audience: Your wall should not portray you as egocentric. Reply to comments and be polite when they are critical. Share impressive updates. Dedicate posts to other people especially on special events. Don’t forget that it is a social media platform and not a personal album.
Stand for a cause: Too many people float along. If one cannot define your personality in a matter of 30 seconds of staying on your wall, you have a problem. You need to bring on your life ideology by creating and sharing your convictions. Remember, this includes images!
Picture wise: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing is truer on social media. Your pictures say volumes about your personality. So, look closely before you upload. Keep suggestive items out of view and be careful about certain social situations (you know them, don’t you?). Pictures speak loud, let every image you upload count!
React with caution: What do you do when people stalk you and attempt to troll? Wait a bit (no crime if you do) before you respond, even if it sounds like a joke (especially if you don’t really know them). Posts are often taken out of context and can severely damage your personal brand. You never know what others will do with your response, so never act emotional!
Be original: So much that you want to be mature and impressive, don’t lose your person in the process. Let the language, images and videos reflect whom you truly are. The biggest disappointment you will offer people is for them to see that you are not whom you claim to be.

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