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How To Operate two Whatsapp Account Using one Mobile Phone

Recently, questions has been asked as to how a whatsapp group link can be created so as to enable bulk invite to counter the problem of only inviting through the whatsapp group.
This problem has been corrected with an app called GB Whatsapp, and below are some features of this app.
GBWhatsApp is a mobile phone app that allows users to operate two WhatsApp accounts on one cell phone without causing technical problems to their devices. In most cases, the app is used on phones that all dual SIM cards. This means that if your Smartphone device has two operating SIM cards that are registered with two different WhatsApp accounts, GBWhatsApp can help you operate both accounts in a synchronized way. Here are some top features of this app and how users can benefit from the top-notch components.
1. Voice Call Feature
GBWhatsApp is designed with a voice call support system that allows users to receive and make calls from their WhatsApp accounts with ease. The voice call system supports the two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. This means that you do not have to log off from one account in order to receive or make a call from the other WhatsApp account. The System supports your two WhatsApp profiles at the same time and allows you to make calls from any of the accounts at any given time.
2. Audio and Video Files Access Program
GBWhatsApp provides an instant way of accessing received audio and video files without loading the content. This is a big benefit that users should utilize at any given moment. The fact that you will not waste time waiting for files to load in order to view the content is what makes GBWhatsApp special. Remember that the files can be sent to any of your two WhatsApp accounts and you will still gain instant access to the content.
3. Program Icons and Notification Features
The top-rated GBWhatsApp messenger for Smartphone devices allows users to change program icon, notifications and background theme without difficulty. You will need to log into your account before choosing the best icon for your two accounts and applying it on the profiles. To change notifications and background themes, log into your account and follow the prompts as directed by the app developers. These features have been included in order to make your experience using the app more enjoyable.
4. Supports Multiple Languages
GBWhatsApp has been developed to support a number of widely used languages including English, French, Spanish and Italian. This makes it much easier for a wider range of users to download, install and make use of the app to integrate their WhatsApp accounts in one device. There are also plans to include more languages of the world in the GBWhatsApp program so that more people can find the app useful in the future.
5. Privacy Features
The app can hide the possibility of appearing privacy options so that users can feel more comfortable when sending and receiving WhatsApp files and messages. With the new privacy options, you can choose to hide your last seen status or make it public, you can also choose to make your profile picture public or restrict its view to chosen people. The privacy options also allow you to block mulish WhatsApp users from accessing your account information.
These are the top 5 GBWhatsApp features that make the app exceptionally great. You should download GBWhatsApp into your Android device today and enjoy the benefits of operating two WhatsApp accounts from one phone.

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