New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Confronts a Heckler — Nachos in Hand [Video]

New Jersey governor Chris Christie got in the face of a heckler while at the Cubs game on Sunday.
via TMZ:
Christie was at Miller Stadium Sunday in Milwaukee for a Brewers-Cubs game, and this clip shows the tail end of what looks like a heated confrontation with a Cubs fan that luckily ended with just words. 
You clearly hear the NJ governor tell the dude, “You’re a big shot” — before he pulls back and continues down the steps … nachos intact and all. Unclear what exactly set off the stare-down … we haven’t heard back from his office for comment. 
As we reported … Christie got destroyed by Mets fans earlier this month when he caught a foul ball and was showered in BOOOs. He also hasn’t fared well on sports radio. 
Seems like he’s fed up with the ridicule lately.
Chris picked the right one — because that could’ve ended badly for him.